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CCB Naija Reality Show Finally Starts



The much-talked about reality television show, CelebrityComeBuild (CCB) has begun in earnest.

Fantastic weekly give-aways for some lucky voting viewers, and indeed one of the high voting viewers ultimately will win one of the two 3-bedroom bungalows literally being built on the CCB show.

CCB is an idea conceived to produce landlords and demystify the act of building a house from the scratch to completion and it is a pet project of Mr. Gbola Oba-led Universal Learn Direct Academia Limited (ULDA), the parent company of ULDA Media Limited.

12 stars and celebrities, drawn from different aspects of the entertainment industry including music, theatre, and comedy, are in camp and they would be going through the process of building for the next 10 weeks.

The show, which is available on YouTube via @ccbnaijachannel, is gaining popularity amongst it’s viewers scattered within and outside the shores of Nigeria as it is not only unique, it is “the kind of programme needed by a country Nigeria yearning for provision of accommodation for her teeming population.”

The Host of the show that has gained much acceptance in the social media is Andre Blaze.

Andre Blaze Henshaw is a Nigerian radio personality, rapper, television host and executive producer.

Meet the contestants

Mr. Gbola Oba had said that the show is meant to entertain the people and take them through the process of becoming house owners without stress.

Gbola Oba, who spoke to journalists in an interview, said that the purpose of the show was to make Nigerians realise that they could become landlords through personal efforts that comes with contributions of little amount of money on a regular basis.


Leading the pack of the celebrity contestants in the show is Nollywood Star actress, Mercy Aigbe, followed by Josh2Funny, Teddy A, Lizzy J, Naledi Boltina, Funky Mallam, and Anto Lecky.

Others are Bolanle Ninalowo, Nkechi Blessing, Rosemary Afuwape and Akuapem Ploo.

“We have more of collaboration of entertainment and education and this is like an edutainment programme. It is a marriage of the building industry and entertainment and it will demystify the building industry.

“We want to speak to people through the language they understand through entertainment. The celebrities would divided into two teams, and they will build two houses; three bedroom bungalow each,” he said.

Oba stated that ULDA wanted people to build into the project of becoming house owners because, and according to him, the organization is embarking on a programme to provide 2,500 homes for the people.

The greatest success of the show, he said, is to stimulate housing provision among the middle class, not only in Nigeria, but Africa “to help people find how to solve a problem that governments across Africa have failed to stop.

“There is no limit to what we can achieve in social planning and infrastructure. Our people should go into infrastructure development. We just believe that the government should do everything for us,” he said.

Oba explained that ULDA is into bricklaying, construction, carpentry and others, and that they established the training Institute of the company in 2017 and that they established they knew it could not be just for skill empowerment, but for entrepreneurship.

“The only way to make sure that the beneficiaries of our training programmes become useful to themselves is to encourage adults who already make money to create a system to engage the graduates of our training school do what they have learned. Many adults in Nigeria desire to own home and there should be opportunities for our graduates.

“So, we went to England and encouraged Nigerians in the Diaspora who had free money to come together and form themselves into cooperatives because we have the manpower and the faculty.

“With the little change they put together, 100 pounds per month, we were able to do what we are doing. When we got to Nigeria we discovered that there were so many people who wanted to be part of this.

“In Nigeria also, we started a cooperative. The two cooperatives, Lagos and London came together to get these buildings. This estate is owned by the cooperatives,” he said.

The show, he said, is not a typical reality show, as the celebrities in the house are known, adding that they would attend to their businesses, while they are in the House.

Explaining the concept of the show, the producer of CCBNaija and CEO/Creative Director of Ojis Media Limited, Asuelime Ojie Eniola, said the show is a 12-man contest consisting of top celebrities from across the entertainment genres including movie, music, comedy and reality.

The show, he clarified, is a marriage between the building construction and the entertainment industry.

According to Ojie, the entertainment industry ideally is being used to drive the ideas of the building construction industry, which we know that is long overdue.

“This concept is first of its kind in the whole of African continent and I think this is the reason we are getting a whole lot of attention from many countries,” Ojie stated.

Ojie added that CCBNaija is a show meant to get to the people in clear presentation the message of demystifying the building construction industry.

“When you want to get to some people, when you speak their language it is easier to get to them. So, CCBNaija is us trying to reach out to the general public in the language they understand, which is entertainment.

“Therefore, in the process of getting the entertainment, they are getting the real information that the show basically is all about,” Ojie said.

HOW TO VOTE: *bankcode*000*contestant code (number of votes) for example, (if you are using GTB and sending 10 votes) *737*000*54900010#

Naledi Botina Code: 5491000; Teddy A Code: 5491001; Mercy Aigbe Code: 549002; Anto Lecky Code: 5491002; Rosie Code: 5491003; Funky Mallam Code: 5491004; Josh 2 funny Code: 5491005; Akuapem poloo Code: 5491006; Nkechi Blessing Code: 5491007; Lizzy Jay Code: 5491008; Ruggedman Code: 5491009; Ninalowo Bolanle Code: 5491010.

To vote for your favourite celebrity in Nigeria, visit:
Click on the vote icon beneath your preferred celebrity’s name, fill the form, submit, choose your preferred payment method, and complete the steps.

For voters outside Nigeria, visit
Click on the international vote button at the top of the page, click on the vote icon beneath your preferred celebrity’s name; fill the form, submit, choose your preferred payment method and complete the steps.

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