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Cardi B’s application to trademark her catchphrase ‘okurrr’ is officially denied by government officials



Cardi B‘s application to catchphrase ‘okurrr’  to be used mostly for merchandise has been  officially rejected. 

According to Mail Online, Government officials have officially rejected her application to lay claim to the word, which is popularly pronounced with the Rs rolled.

Back in March, the 26-year-old rapper and mother of one submitted an application to catchphrase ‘okurrr’ including the commonly misspelled ‘okurr.’ Unfortunately, the US Patent and Trademark ruled that the slogan fell under the category of ‘widely-used commonplace expressions.’ It’s a valid argument, given that the phrase has existed in minority communities for years.

They also explained that it ‘is a slogan or term that does not function as a trademark or service mark to indicate the source of applicant’s goods and/or services.’

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