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Captain Hosa’s open letter illuminates the tyranny of Edo’s reprobate Governor By John Mayaki



With tyrannical leaders like Moe Zedong, Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler and their ills still in faint memories, one would have thought that the world has gone past this weird breed of leaders.

However, in emerging traits found in Governor Godwin Obaseki, It seems tyranny is endless and only recycled per decade.  In Edo state, currently occupying the seat of power and going about discharging his duties to the spite of anyone who dares challenge his authority or fail to lick his foot, Obaseki manifests his extreme and wicked despotic abilities.  

In an open letter written by Captain Dr. Idahosa Wells Okunbo, addressed to the President of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari, and the people of Edo State, this illustrious son of the land recounted to the general public the persecution, the injustice and the atrocities he has suffered at the hands of the incumbent governor, Godwin Obaseki.  

Notably yet ruefully in the letter, Captain Hosa bemoans the barrage of spite, the avalanche of denigration and the unjust oppression he had to face from the state government as he goes about his personal and corporate lives. 

The businesses he had dedicated decades of his life to and earned global plaudits for his ingenuity and industriousness have come under attack by a jealous and sadistic Governor who is on a mission to bring down all successful Edo sons. Repaying evil with good, Godwin Obaseki, the Governor who enjoyed the generosity of Captain Hosa on occasions too numerous to count, abandoned other important matters of governance for a witch-hunt meant to cripple the businesses of Captain over baseless suspicions of a political contest. 

He called the Ports Authority, asking Directors on ways to harm Captain Hosa. At home, he threatened to set his farm on fire. In other areas both private and public, he scared and bribed others to join in an orchestrated media onslaught to smear a reputation that was already in national prominence before Obaseki approached puberty. 

Captain Hosa freely gave and supported but Obaseki, embracing tyranny, became the parasite bent on killing its accommodating and well-intentioned host. This is evil and it is not our way. Obaseki cannot be called one of us. He is a pariah, a blemish that must be purged. 

What is the use of a Governor who uses his offices to pull down his kinsmen, not uplift them? Of what benefit is a Governor who cannot provide and will not let others do? What do we do with a Governor whose ways and attitude our children cannot emulate? We will cleanse our land and rid it of evil that is Obaseki.