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Buhari hits state governors hard •Also descends heavily on Boko Haram; explains why he made Gen. Yahaya COAS



Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has hit out at some state governors demanding they sit up and handle the worsening insecurity in their respective states.

The Nigerian leader stated this on Thursday when he granted ARISE News an exclusive interview. He said that the governors who are having security issues in their states should not just sit back after winning elections and expect people to do their jobs for them.

He advised that governors revert to the traditional ways of tackling insecurity by involving traditional institutions that are very effective and community leaders at the local level.

According to the President, the governors should be able to tackle these security situations because they have “very effective traditional institutions” and security systems at the state and local levels.

Buhari said he has ordered the country’s military and police to be ruthless with terrorists in the country and deal with them in the language they understand.

Buhari said the order to the military and the police will yield the expected results in a “few weeks time”. According to the President, if the terrorists keep people away from their farms, the country may soon have food shortage and scarcity.

The Nigerian leader said “you can’t kill innocent people and say God is great”.

Buhari defended his choices for appointments, saying that those he appointed into offices in his administration have been on merit.

According to the President, the choice of Major General Farouk Yahaya as the country’s new Chief of Army Staff was because he had passed through the training and ranks and was a former theatre commander, Lafiya Dole

“They trained in Zaria or Abeokuta, they come through the ranks and because they served under all the circumstances, the crises and everything and they gradually rise to the status,” President Buhari told ARISE News.

“And you think, you will just pick somebody just to balance up. These positions have to be earned. There are people who have been there for 10 to 15 years.”

Pieced together from ARISE TV.

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