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Borno rep apologises over comment on rape



Ahmed Jaha, a member of the house of representatives from Borno state, has apologised to Nigerians over comments he made on the floor of the lower legislative chamber on Thursday.

While contributing to a debate on rape, Jaha had said women should dress properly to avoid harassment and abuse by men.

“Women should cultivate the habit of dressing properly and decently to avoid unnecessary harassment and abuse by men, because men are not wood,” the lawmaker had said.

Jaha’s view and that of Henry Okon Archibong, a lawmaker from Akwa Ibom state, which are similar sparked an outrage as the duo spoke at a time when there lots of complaint about rape.

Speaking with reporters in Abuja on Saturday, the Borno lawmaker said his earlier comments “offended the sensibilities of fellow Nigerians.”

“I have made a mistake that has offended the sensibilities of fellow Nigerians and indeed, fellow human beings, particularly women who are our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters,” NAN quoted him as saying.

“While I totally reaffirm my position that rapists should face the death sentence, I regret the part that talks about the dressing of women.

“I deeply apologise for this position, because as some have rightly argued, my comments, could imply that women who are victims, share the blame of being raped.

“This clearly, could not have been the intention of someone who suggested the death penalty for rapists.”

Jaha said a woman’s choice of dressing should not justify rape.

“I know that it is a divine responsibility for every good man to protect and preserve the pride of a woman,” he said.

“Most women are born with natural strength of endurance, that is why they are able to go through childbirth, to nurture families, take care of relations and are still able to earn descent livelihoods.

“Women do things with completeness. I admire this so much, because I have benefited from the sincerity and commitment of women. I hold women with the highest respect, with great pride and with so much love that is pure and responsible.”