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Asiwaju Tinubu Did not Grant Any Interview to AIT on 2019, Says Tinubu’s Media Aide



We have come across a WhatsApp post entitled “APC Have Failed Nigerians, Likely We Will Be Voted Out In 2019. – Tinubu Regrets”.

In it, the purveyors of fake news and agents of mischief and hatred purport that His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu granted an interview to AIT where they claimed he said APC would be voted out in 2019.

This is nothing but fake news in its entirety. The grammatical error in the usage of ‘have’ instead of ‘has’ in the title and the awkward headline even clearly gave it out as fake news.

We would, therefore, have ignored the post and not dignify it with a rebuttal in any way but for fear that some unsuspecting persons may view it with some truth, hence this response.

Firstly, Asiwaju did not grant any interview to AIT, talk less speak on any programme called OSASU Show.
His Excellency is a serious-minded politician and tactician who meticulously choses when to speak and which news medium to speak to. He did not speak with AIT.

Secondly, he did not say any such thing and could not have said what was ascribed to him. He believes in the APC and the present administration in its corrective mission.

He has said it time and again that that patriot, President Muhammadu Buhari has been doing a yeoman’s job re-engineering and steering the country away from the ruins it had been plunged into by the ruinous PDP administration.

He also knows the APC is better placed to win the 2019 poll. Asiwaju Tinubu’s hands are on the plough, working day and night for APC’s success in that election.

The intention of those behind the fake news is to draw him out and distract him from the task of delivering victory along with President Buhari and other leaders and party members for the APC in 2019. He will not be distracted. Thousands of such unfounded and concocted news would not distract him.

This WhatsApp post offers yet another grim reminder of the danger posed to all of us by fake news for which we must all join hands to confront.

Tunde Rahman,
Tinubu Media Office,

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