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Artist transforms popular Disney princesses, including the Little Mermaid and Snow White, into racy vintage pin-up models



An artist has transformed some of Disney’s most popular princesses into stunningly sultry pin-up stars, adding a rather risque edge to the normally-family friendly characters.

Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov re-imagined 10 of Disney’s animated leading ladies as sultry vixens, sharing the cheeky illustrations on his Instagram page.

From a naked Ariel swimming with Sebastian and Flounder, to a scantily-clad Snow White in bed with her dwarf Dopey, the Russian-born artist has brought to life the ever-so-subtle sexual innuendos found in so many Disney movies.

Not G-rated: Russian artist Andrew Tarusov has re-imagined 10 popular Disney princesses, including Ariel from the Little Mermaid, as vintage pin-ups

Don’t tell Prince Charming: One illustration shows a scantily-clad Snow White in bed with her dwarf Dopey

Sleeping beauty: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty looks racy in barely-there lingerie as her prince leans over her

Andrew, who has done work a number of fashion and music magazines, has studied art for 10 years, but his favorite genre is vintage style pin-ups and comics.

And while some people have complained that Disney princesses are becoming more and more hyper-sexualized, Andrew’s illustrations prove just how much more racy they could become.

One particularly cheeky image shows Belle from Beauty and the Beast standing with her foot on the Beast’s head as she wields a riding crop, looking more like a dominatrix than a bookworm-turned-princess.

Time’s are changing: This still from The Little Mermaid, which was released in 1989, is quite different from Andrew’s illustrations

Down, Beast: Beauty and the Beast’s Belle takes on a more dominant role in Andrew’s artwork

Another illustration sees Elsa and Anna from the wildly popular Frozen movie baring their butts in front of their co-star, lovable snowman Olaf.

Rapunzel from Tangled, meanwhile, is completely naked as she lies on a chaise-lounge, with only her long blonde locks covering her private parts.

Young children would likely be shocked to see such images of their animated idols, especially the princesses from the more recent Disney flicks.

Bottoms up: Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog, showcases her assets

Cover your eyes, Olaf! Elsa and Anna from Frozen wear barely-there outfits in Andrew’s sultry portrait

Where’s Aladdin? Jasmine looks cozy as she cuddles up to Rajah in a cleavage-baring top

It’s clear that Andrew’s work is only for the adult set.

Disney princesses are a favorite of many artists, and in recent years the ladies have been re-imagined in a number of different ways.

In August, a Tumblr artists who goes by the handle The Nameless Doll gave Disney princesses a plus-size makeover in an attempt to promote body diversity.

Previously, cartoonist Nann shared quirky images of the animated icons on Snapchat

Disrobed: Rapunzel from Tangled is completely naked as she stretches out on a chaise-lounge with a come hither expression

Coffee break: Tinker Bell floating naked in a coffee cup shows that Andrew work is definitely not intended for children’s eyes

Buxom beauty: Princess Merida from Brave sits suggestively on a bear-skinned rug

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