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American Woman Travels Down To Kano, To Marry Nigerian Lover



Adamu Aminu, Kano.

An American woman Janine Sanchez is set to marry her Instagram lover in March after visiting his home in Panshekara, Kano.

FWM reports that Ms Sanchez, 46, fell in love with Sulaiman Isah, 26, after they met about 11months ago on the social networking platform, Instagram.

Ms Sanchez was visibly delighted as she holds Mr Isah’s hand with constant love-glimpsing during an interview with newsmen in Kano metropolis.

Mr Isah said he had always dreamed up about marrying a white woman and fathering mixed-race kids.

“It was an imagination come into reality for me when she reacted to my message.

“We continued exchanging messages and our relationship became closer and stronger”

“I, therefore, invited her to visit me in Kano.” Said Isah.

Ms Sanchez, a chef based in Lindon, California said she would be taking Isah back to the US after the marriage.

“I have two kids – a boy and a girl – from my previous marriage. As we have joint custody with my ex-husband, I cannot take the kids away from their father.”

Isah, a barber, and a student, popularly fondly called as ‘Babayaro’ said that is not a problem.

“I will be visiting my parents and other relations regularly. And she has agreed that even our future kids will be coming to Nigeria to visit my family.” He said.

Another point of contention is the 20-year age gap between the couple.

“I wasn’t looking to date anybody younger than 30 but he is very mature for his age.

“When I talk to him I feel like I’m talking to somebody my age.” Ms Sanchez said.

“The age difference doesn’t matter as Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) married an older woman too. So I’m following in his Sunnah.” Isah said.

Meanwhile, Mr Isah’s family are happy about the forthcoming marriage but worried about the religious implication.

His mother, Mrs Fatima Sulaiman said she has agreed to the marriage and Sulaiman’s relocation to the USA.

“We are now singled out as the in-laws of a white woman.

“I pray for Allah’s protection as Sulaiman leaves for America.” She said.

Adding that this is the will of God. We have only good wishes for the couple.

“But my prayer is that he retains his Islamic religion wherever he finds himself,” She said.

Isa has now become celebrated in his neighbourhood in Kano as people trooped in mass to snaps glimpse of him being a young man who grabs the heart of an American woman travelling all the way from California, the United States to come and seek his family’s permission in marrying their son.