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ABBA KYARI: Disastrous end to a blistering career.* By Bode Opeseitan



I already envisioned him as a future Inspector General of Police in #Nigeria.

He is brave, young, charismatic, affable and intelligent. I was excited whenever I heard his name. He represented a promising future. He was so efficient he became the go-to-person for successive #IGPs to burst the most notorious crimes in different parts of Nigeria.

Then, suddenly, in what seemed like out-of-character, which from emerging details could actually be in sync with his real personality trait, he was seen at a social gathering where wealth was flaunted with reckless abandon. It was bad enough that Abba Kyari attended but it was despicable that his conscience was too blunt to nudge him to leave the scene when it became unpalatable.

Then, out the blues came an earth-shattering allegation that the acclaimed super cop might be a super criminal. Suspected super cyber fraudster, Hushpuppie ( Ramon Olorunwa Abbas ) said he is in cahoot with #Kyari and gave the detail of their affiliation to a #US court probing him (Hushpuppie) over a $24m fraudulent school-finance scheme.

Kyari himself has rushed out a very soggy statement to pronounce his innocence. Some of his low and high profile fans are also engaging in fruitless campaigns to affirm his above-board character while dismissing the weighty allegations against him and the request by #FBI for Nigeria to extradite him to the US to face trial.

The most sensible statement so far is by the Inspector General of #Police who said they would investigate the allegation to determine the next steps of the Nigeria Police Force.

Nigeria has struggled over the years to show the world that there is no state support for criminality. Government has often argued that it was indeed the determination of the government to rid the nation of #fraudulent crimes that birthed the Criminal Code Section 419 which stipulates jail terms for financial crimes.

Here is an opportunity to show that while there are a few bad eggs out of a population of over 211 million people, majority of Nigerians are conscientious. Nigeria should hand over Kyari to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation to have his day in court, except if there is a compelling reason to believe that he will not be fairly treated. In that case, Kyari may even request to be tried in a neutral court like the International Criminal Court – ICC.

This is not the time to pander to mere sentiments and jejune rhetoric. Let the investigators and the courts do their work. Nigeria should not be made to look like the nation is on trial. The only person on trial here is Kyari and perhaps our criminal justice system which often fails to detect and punish high profile criminals because the officials have been compromised.

Head or tail, Kyari is the biggest loser. His reputation has been tainted. He has sabotaged his own hard work. It is a lesson for law enforcement agents to be mindful of who they associate with. They should avoid any situation which in the future may convey the impression that they have used their privileged office to aid or abet #crime. It is also a reminder that there is nothing hidden under the sun.

©?Bode Opeseitan

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