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A Dictator May Soon Emerge As Nigerian Leader -Prophet Sunday Iyunade



The country has never had it so bad since it gained independence from the British in 1960. We have had experiences of military coups, civil war, down turn in economy, social problems and numerous other challenges.

But the prevailing menace of the Boko Haram sect, amongst other challenges, appears to have overwhelmed the nation in recent times.

However, a shocking revelation that will amaze most Nigerians was made recently by the Presiding Pastor of Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Prophet Sunday ‘Dare Iyunade.

The anointed man of God revealed that an emperor, who would be autocratic in his ways, might soon emerge in the country, adding that we must pray seriously to avert this ugly development.

“The violence that might erupt during the 2015 elections would not be enough to obstruct the results. The opposition would use all means such as violence and the judiciary to hijack power, but they would not succeed. We all know that there is corruption in the system, we are losing lives on a daily basis through violence and there is no real democratic party in Nigeria.

“But, we might find ourselves in the hands of autocrats, and powerful individuals. If this happens, it will cause serious setback to Nigeria. They will rule by force. We will be going into slavery if such leaders emerge in our nation because they are dangerous elements. Their plan is evil, so we should watch out because this could lead to the emergence of an emperor that would put Nigeria in his pocket,” he warned.

The respected man of God lambasted the opposition ‘for making noise about the programmes of the present government,’ saying that those that are making noise have their hands full of blood.

He stressed that those that are pointing accusing fingers at others are more dangerous to the nation and that they will pocket the nation if they get to power. They are not sincere; they are not making the noise because of their love for the country.

“They are being pushed by their love for wealth and power, and not love for Nigeria. I don’t see anyone of them as being sincere. It would have been nice for Nigeria if we had a very strong and sincere opposition,” he said.

Iyunade, who was speaking at an event to mark the18th Anniversary and 12th Annual Convention of the Ministry with the theme; ‘Be Prepared,’ and which holds between March 23rd and 29th, 2014, said that the nation’s present challenges will soon go down.

He said: “The insincerity of our leaders is much; we need a new breed of leaders. We should not blame Christians that are not participating in politics; the political atmosphere is not conducive for Christians. Christians believe in dialogue and peace, we don’t believe in killings, which is why Boko Haram sect is having a field day. If anybody commits murder, we will disown the person unlike other religions. The environment we found ourselves is not conducive at all.”

On the National Conference put together by the Federal Government, Prophet Iyunade said that it will solidify the unity of the country, and that the northerners wanted to reduce the number of Christians with the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram, which he said is not possible.

“There should be freedom of religion; freedom of movement, the confab will give us an opportunity to discuss as a nation. The issue of our freedom must be discussed there. It was God that opened the door for former president Olusegun Obasanjo to emerge as Nigerian president. He built the church that we have in Aso Rock now, see the time the mosque had been there. That shows to us that Christians are being marginalized in Nigeria. When you see the money the government is spending on sponsoring people on pilgrimage to Mecca every year and compare it to the one they are spending to send people to Jerusalem on pilgrimage, you will see that they are cheating Christians,” he emphasised.

He said that the theme of the church’s anniversary; ‘Be Prepared,’ was chosen because ‘many Christians are neither preparing nor prepared. He told us the signs of His coming in Mathew 24, when the disciples asked Jesus certain germane questions to which he gave them answers. The truth is that the coming of the Lord is closer. In Mathew 24: 3, during a personal discussion, the disciples asked Jesus three pertinent questions. These questions were meant to give them the privilege of having both an insight and foresight into the signs of His return and when the things shall be. Their questions were in threefold: 1. When shall this be. 2. What shall be the signs of His coming? 3. What shall be the signs of the end of the world,” he said.

Going personal, Prophet Iyunade revealed that he gave his life to Christ at a tender age and that since then, he has never looked back.

“Many pastors nurtured me in churches like The Apostolic Church, Apostolic Faith and Deeper Christian Life Ministry. I am not an angel, but I am trying all I could do to remain in the Lord. In 1986, God told me I would establish a church, but I served under authority till 1990,” he revealed.

He said that he didn’t regret answering the call of God, but that he has encountered many challenges in life.

The cleric, whose ministry has about three branches in London, recalled a time he had to rush to Oshodi in Lagos to buy s shirt he would wear to church on a Sunday only to mistakenly buy a ladies’ shirt.

“I went to buy Tokunbo wear since I didn’t have money for a new one and I ignorantly bought a ladies’ shirt. The Ibo man deceived me into buying it; when I complained about the shoulder pad, he said it was a new design; I then wore it to church on Sunday with a tie without anybody noticing. I have used ordinary water to break a fast as I did not have money for food. I have faced demonic attack because I pray for people, who have problems,” he said.

The widely traveled prophet also recalled that the Ijebu branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) tried to block the registration of the church by reporting to the State Security Service (SSS) that it was not a proper church, adding that their plans failed eventually as the church was registered by the government.

“When we wanted to lay the foundation of the church in year 2000, we had only N9,000 with us, but  God said I should go ahead. Miraculously as we were starting, people came from all walks of life to give us money that same day and we realized almost N70,000. We eventually built the church without obtaining loan or seeking for help from any quarters. On June 9, a section of the church collapsed close to my office, it was God that saved about 20 people that were there, it could have collapsed on them,” he said.

Furthermore, the said that he has some personal challenges, which he does not even tell his church members, but that he will always cherish the call of God as a cleric.

He carpeted some ministries, which he said were appointing un-regenerated souls to win souls for Christ in the church, adding that ‘by their fruits you shall know them.’

“The church is so desperate, we want to be everywhere and we want to capture everywhere, so we keep dashing people titles like the ‘obas’ are giving titles to people. Most times, we choose by sight, and not by the spirit, and the church is making errors. So, you find pastors that are not genuine everywhere.

“When the church experienced revival, we did not make good use of it. For example, only the learned are being used to head many churches, they have abandoned the illiterates; anyone that is not learned cannot get to a position, which is part of the problem.

“With this, the church is making a lot of errors. We want learned people in positions, we want them to head our churches, but that is not the purpose of establishing churches, so the church is making a lot of errors, I pray God will help the church to regain its lost glory,” he submitted.





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