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4 Money Management Betting Tips for Casino Bettors



The first two weeks at the casino are always the same. It is almost as if the casinos are experts at separating you from your money. Providing you with free drinks to get drunk before betting, keeping clocks off the wall so you lose track of time; those are few of the tricks casino employ to rip you off within the doors. But whether betting online or offline, these 4 money management betting tips for casino bettors turn the tables around.

1. Play with your money; if what pushes you through the doors to the casino house is a friend’s money or the cash to be used for other important things, you need to wake up. With your money (not the money you need for anything else), your goal is more focused on the short term goal and having fun along the line.

2. Target Low House Edge Games; this is applicable to games with a consistent low edge basis. Say poker or Blackjack. In blackjack, from the first game, you get to know if the deck has more 10’s and Aces than normal in the deck. Likewise in poker, getting the payback percentage for each game over 100% is possible by knowing the best play table and applying your optimal playing strategy. (not very good for roulette).

3. Learning the 3 strategies; equipped with the 3 casino gambling strategies you learn to keep your bankroll under management. Here’s a brief on the three. First is progressive betting; raising the amount you bet on a progressive win and making a progressive cut-back on wagers when losing in a row. Another strategy is the Flat, which is staking the same amount continuously. Then there’s the random strategy of following your guts or instincts.

4. Reining compulsion; when gambling gets addictive you want to back-out. The best way to know you’re wagering compulsively is by paying attention to your emotions.

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