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Speakership: Our members free to work with APC, says PDP caucus



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the house of reps says it is not against its members working with speakership aspirants of  the All Progressives Congress (APC). 

In a statement, Leo Ogor, minority leader of the house, said the decision was taken in the interest of the nation and to ensure that the people’s will prevail.

He said the PDP is resolute in its determination to proactively participate in deciding the final outcome of the ongoing contest for leadership of the house.

“While the nation looks forward to the inauguration of the 9th national assembly, the PDP house caucus is leaving no stone unturned in furtherance of its resolute determination to proactively decide the final outcome of the ongoing contest for leadership of the house in ways that would ultimately ensure that the people’s will ultimately prevails,” the statement read.

“While we further our unflinching commitment to the principles and ethos of democracy, the PDP House Caucus has endorsed its members’ decision to work with speakership aspirants from the ruling party, thereby allowing all who feel thus inclined, the freedom to attend all meetings, participate in campaigns, strategy sessions and other activities of any speakership aspirant of their choice.

“While the PDP House Caucus has taken the decision with clear focus on the national interest as well as the future strategic goals of our party, we are not unaware that a few may unfortunately feel inclined to go overboard, nibbling dangerously at carrots dangled before them without adequately heeding appropriate guidelines.

“Nonetheless, such risks have to be taken occasionally as part of sacrifice for the national interest – an overriding consideration for us in our great party.”

Femi Gbajabiamila is the choice of the APC leadership for the  position of speaker.

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Saraki? No more godfatherism in Kwara, says Gov AbdulRazaq



Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has said that the dislodgement of Saraki dynasty in the last general elections put an end to godfatherism in the state’s politics.

The governor said this in Ilorin at a national youth summit organised by the Youths Assembly of Nigeria (YAN). The theme of the summit is ‘reforming education.’ The governor added that “the godfathers still want to remain as godfathers anywhere in the world. Thank God we have destroyed godfather in Kwara state politics. And never will godfathers come to the state again.”

Represented by his Deputy Kayode Alabi, Mallam AbdulRazaq urged the youths in Nigeria to take over the reins of power through their permanent voter’s cards (PVCs). Said he: “The old men and women will never hand over power voluntarily to the youths.

There are so many things around power that will never allow them to hand over power to you. You have to take it not violently but through your voter’s cards. The guys that came up with the slogan ‘otoge’ were between the ages of 30 and 35. When I listened to the proposal and heard ‘otoge’ a sweetness welled up in my belly as I was sure that the ‘Otoge’ slogan would win the election.

“We used the slogan to educate the people. Our opponents spent money but we did not spend money. The ‘otoge slogan went into the mindset of the people and did the wonders. We won the election because the youths woke up in Kwara and decided to take their destinies into their own hands.

There is nothing like godfather. There is only one God the Almighty. Let nobody intimidate you. But you and I allow godfathers to survive. “The people listened to the slogan of otoge and came out massively with God on our side voted for us to win the last election.

It is time for the youths in this country to say no to old order.” He disclosed that “our pact with the people of Kwara state is to deliver qualitative and quantitative education under conducive environment. There is no going back on that as you shall see in the next few years.

There is a nexus between education, employment opportunities, youth empowerment and crime rate. The society has two options to either empower and guide young people to the right path or spend resources fighting crimes. We choose the former. We will key into all the development agenda to help our youths become responsible.

We will also show good example for young people to emulate. We will continue to identify and partner with you.” Speaking, YAN vehemently opposed the called for revolution in the country by the publisher of online newspaper Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore.

Rather the youths urged their members to revolt against the old order through the use of their permanent voter’s cards (PVCs) in subsequent elections in the country. National Speaker and Kwara state Ambassador of YAN Samuel Godstime and Musbau Esinrogunjo told reporters on the sideline of the summit. Said Godstime:

“Nigerian youth are opposed to any form of revolution. Therefore, we are appealing to all the youths in the country to revolt against the old order by using their voter’s cards not buy force of arm. “Let us use our PVCs and ensure that the youth take over the leadership of this country not by trying to cause mayhem in any part of the country.

“The youth should use their PVCs in the next elections for the so-called revolution. We have discovered that the youths in the country constitute about 65 percent of the electorate. We are saying no to revolution. Let us use what we have, which is our PVCs, to get what we want in the next general elections.

The unity of Nigeria is paramount and non negotiable.” Esinrogunjo, a former senatorial aspirant in the state said “It is even strange that somebody that contested for the presidency of the country and lost would be the one instigating the youths to revolt against the government. We say no to that. We don’t want bloodshed in Nigeria.”

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New Twist In Edo Saga As Obaseki Pays Oshiomole, Surprise Visit



The Governor of Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki appears to have set aside the alleged rift between his administration and his predecessor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole when he called on the Iyanmoh residence of the latter in celebration of Eid al Adha.
In his special Sallah message to the Muslim community last week, the governor had enjoined all citizens to eschew bitterness and rancour and work for the development of all of Edo State.
The Governor demonstrated the virtues of the season with his visit to the Party Chairman and his mother, Hajia Aishetu Oshiomole, in spite of the rumoured differences between both men.
During the visit, Governor Godwin Obaseki expressed his delight at the incredible support he received from the Muslim community and reiterated his commitment to the transformation of Edo State and the empowerment of all its people.
In response, the Otaru of Auchi commended the governor for his uncommon leadership and advised him not to succumb to the forces of darkness preaching division in Edo State. He encouraged the Governor to remain prayerful and continue to strive in the interest of the people.
Speaking after the visit, the Special Adviser to the Governor on media and communications, Mr. Crusoe Osagie congratulated the Muslim community and lauded the Governor for his demonstration of exemplary leadership. He suggested that the visit would likely unnerve a tiny fraction of the people of the state.
“The notion that these two men are adversaries is being propagated by morally and financially insolvent people seeking to profit off of the challenges they have been working so hard to foment. You cannot blame such people really. Their talents and abilities are severely limited, so it is in their collective interest to stoke tension and drive division, but I can tell you that they have already failed” he posited.
“It is not in their interests for Edo State to peacefully progress, so they will try to mis-categorise this visit. This is what they’ve always done and it’s their stock in trade”.
“True leaders understand that they represent the people in whose interests they must serve. This is why His Excellency has always said that the resources of the state, are for the people only, and not for a negligible minority and nothing can ever change this” he concluded.

Asked whether this means that a new proclamation of the State House of Assembly will be issued by the Governor in conformity with the directives of the National Assembly, Osagie was unequivocal. “I cannot speak on this matter as it is sub-judice. But I think the whole world knows that the Edo State House of Assembly has already been inaugurated. No person or group of persons or institution other than the judiciary can order a state governor to do anything on a matter that is presently before courts of competent jurisdiction.We are a nation of Laws and by the special grace of God, will all be alive to witness the law run its full course” he concluded.

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Kogi 2019: Faleke Tackles Yahaya Bello



With just about three months to the governorship election in Kogi State, the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello is being tackled by a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a third term member of the Federal House of Representatives from Ikeja in Lagos, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke.

Abiodun Faleke, who revealed that he had been watching the development in his home state as an indigene of Kogi West, wrote that contenders for the 2019 Kogi Governorship race was on his mind.

The lawmaker expressed concern that it would be dangerous for the APC to field Yahaya Bello for a second term in office and urged the party to consider the feelings of the people of the state and provide another candidate for the election.

“I hope the party, APC will put it’s thinking cap on to put in a process that will allow the people make the choice of who will lead the state from the Party without compromising honour.

“As it is today, I plead with the Party Leaders to put the interest of the people in mind and end the suffering of a people,” he wrote in a recent post in one of his social media handle.

Faleke added in the article, which he personally endorsed, that since “the 2015 abrakadabra process that brought in the current Governor of the state, I strongly believe that the whole world and the party leadership are living witnesses to the worst administration of a government in Nigeria.

“I cannot understand the pride of GYB when with all the available resources at his disposal he CANNOT boast of any meaningful project he has done to alleviate the suffering of the people.”

The Reps member stressed that when opportunity was given to Governor Yahaya Bello “against the wishes of the people,” he was expected to use the tenure to surprise the people in performance and good governance, but that “yes the people were so surprised with his lack of knowledge, and interest of the people at heart.

“I was not surprised that he has failed and will fail again because when you look at his background, after graduation, he served at Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission and rose to level 12, and suddenly became a ‘millionaire’.”

Faleke said further that the people should ask themselves how could a level 12 officer become a millionaire in less than 5 years of graduation if not involved in stealing of government funds.

According to him, Bello was only rewarded with “a victory he was never part of,” adding that how could he have taken the people into heart, and that he got a licence to steal and steal and steal.

“So, as the bad tenure moves to final burial, the APC must be watchful not to make the same mistake.

“When GYB knew that he will be asking for second term from the people, why did he not do what is right with the people? If by any default he gets the party ticket(God forbids), and wins election, then the state will finally go into comatose.

“To the party, I still don’t understand why and how they came to decide on Indirect Primaries despite all available evidences before them? With History of past events on elections and cancellation of elections at the disposal of the Party? We must learn from history.

“If the Party is concerned about the people and their well being, give them access to freely choose their governor, I’m sure the people of the state will take appropriate decision at the ballot, ” he said.

It will be recalled that Faleke was the running mate to the late former governor of Kogi State, Prince Audu Abubakar APC in the November 2015 governorship election in the state.

Abubakar had died shortly before announcement of the results of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which later declared the election inconclusive and later insisted that Yahaya Bello, who came second in the primaries of the APC, would be the candidate of the party In the election.

A rerun election was eventually organised in places where INEC said there was anomalies and Yahaya Bello was eventually declared winner of the election.

With this, Abiodun Faleke, who had shown interest in the office, took the matter to the court of law and pursued it to the Supreme Court, which gave the verdict to Bello.

It was believed in many quarters that Bello pitched his tent with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and worked against the APC in the governorship election after he lost the primaries to Audu Abubakar.

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