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Lagos Property Magnate, TV Mogul In Messy Sex Scandal In Dubai



The Lagos society is agog with a earth-shaking scandal. It is the most discussed issue amongst the elitist clique and it has generated into a hot debate among these prominent personalities as well. The scandal involves a multi-billionaire property merchant and construction magnate and a self-proclaimed female media mogul and human resources consultant. 

This ebony looking corporate amazon is in her 50’s and has been divorced for over 10 years . Over the years, she has been linked with several powerful men in the business and government circles. Featuring, prominently on her list of conquests are two former governors of the Centre of Excellence, another former governor of a Sunshine state, another governor of a riverside state, two bank MDs, a billionaire oil magnate, among several others. Even her new inlaw was tagged among some of the men who finance her super wealthy lifestyle. This publicity loving lady is on the verge of becoming a grandmother; and she still considers herself a hot number. 

The property magnate, who lives like a king in a castle in Lagos, has quite a reputation for being very stingy. He flaunts exotic cars and shows off his state-of-the-art mansion, but he abhors helping other people. He enjoys the company of women, but he detests spending money on them. 

 Now, this heavily-built billionaire was alleged to have initiated the move towards wooing the media mogul. They got talking and struck a deal to go away for a weekend tryst outside the country. Their destination? Dubai! So, the media mogul flew first class to Dubai and checked into a 5-star hotel. Her expectation was high, as she must have seen herself counting hundred of dollar notes by the time the moment of tryst ended. Also, she was reported to have planned on going on a jewelry-shopping binge before departing Dubai. 

Before long, Madame was later joined by her would-be lover. They did all the ding-dong and had a most romantic moment. Feeling satiated, the construction magnate was said to have excused himself to attend a business meeting, away from the hotel. Few minutes after he left, he, reportedly called his lover and informed her he had to leave for Nigeria with his friend in a private jet, so as to seal the business deal. He apologised to the media mogul and informed her to take a white envelope he dropped by the bed stand. By the time the TV lady rummage through the envelope and counted the dollar notes, tears of regret cascaded down her face. The money barely covered the hotel bill for one night. It was then the reality and consequences of her action hit her. She had been used and had fallen victim to a one chance lover. 

But if she thought she could prevent the Dubai tragedy from flittering into Nigeria, she thought wrong. Had she done her research well, she would have discovered that her billionaire lover has a mouth that runs faster than a racing car. The property magnate was alleged to have regaled his friends with the unsavoury tale of the tryst in Dubai. And before long, it became the epicentre of discussion among the movers and shakers in Lagos. 

What most of the women can’t understand is how this self-professed global personality could be so dump to have been played, used and dumped by this billionaire. 

This scandal has since fouled the entire Lagos atmosphere and the tv mogul has become a laughing stock among other women and men alike. 

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The rage against Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari



By Comr. Solomon Adodo

On the 24th June 2019, an unusual political activity took place in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. A public demonstration staged by an obscure political group that gave its name as APC Concerned Nation Stakeholders led by an even more obscure figure called Dr. Symeon Chilagorom proclaimed that they were protesting against internal forces pulling down the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In his public speech, the Convener of the group, Symeon Chilagorom specifically identified ALH Mamman Daura, Samaila Isa Funtua and Mall Abba Kyari as members of the group that is pulling down the administration. In his words, “the people of this country elected Muhammadu Buhari as their President, not Mamman Daura, Samaila Isa Funtua and Mall Abba Kyari.”

Of the three people mentioned in that speech, only Abba Kyari holds an office in the Buhari government. He is Chief of Staff in the Presidency. The other two accused persons hold no office in the government whatsoever. The agitators protesting their role in government have a responsibility to prove to Nigerians how the President has abdicated his executive responsibilities to them or how they have hijacked those duties and responsibilities.

The office of Chief of Staff is not of Cabinet rank, the holder of the office wields no executive powers, controls no ministry and or department of government. He is an extension of the office of the president, playing managerial and advisory roles such as selection and coordination of key staff, control of people who come to see the President and protecting the interest of the President or any other responsibilities that are entrusted to him by his principal. To demonstrate that he is subordinate to the president, the Constitution does not require that he is screened and confirmed by the Senate.

To accuse him of usurping the powers of the President is to accuse the President of gross incompetence and dereliction of duty. Even as Symeon Chaligorom and his group make great pretense of “love for the President” and vouching for his “personal integrity and capabilities”, the implication of their public pronouncement and outburst on Monday is that the President is incompetent and has lost control of his office.

It is indeed sad that people who profess love for their President and trust in his competence will in the same breath accuse him of abdicating his office to a subordinate he employed and has the powers to fire. This accusation is even more grave and an open insult on the President when a few individuals who have no office in government are accused of rendering the president impotent in exercising the powers invested in him by the constitution he swore to uphold and defend. The target for destruction by Symeon and his confederates in the APC Concerned Nation Stakeholders is not Mamman Daura, not Ismaila Funtua and certainly not Abba Kyari. The target is the President himself.

With ‘friends’ like Symeon Chulagorom and his group, President Buhari does not need to worry about who is his enemies.

Since his appointment as Chief of Staff to President Buhari in 2015, Abba Kyari has been faced with a cocktail of spurious allegations against his person. None of these allegations have been proven and remain in the realm of speculation and fiction by those who are envious of his enhanced status. The public is yet to be presented with any evidence that the man is corrupt and or incompetent for the job.  The demonstration on Monday carried the unsubstantiated allegations a notch higher. If anything, a glance at the resume of Abba Kyari gives one conclusive prove that President Buhari couldn’t have made a better choice for the office of Chief of Staff.

Trained at University of Warwick in England where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, he also possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law from the University of Cambridge. He was called to the Nigerian Bar after attending the Nigerian Law School in 1983. In 1984, he obtained a master’s degree in law from the University of Cambridge. He later attended the International Institute for Management at Lausanne, Switzerland and participated in the Program for Management Development at the Harvard Business School, in 1992 and 1994. These are the best universities one could attend anywhere in the world.

After such a brilliant academic career, Abba Kyari worked in a couple of blue chip firms where he acquired management skills and gained a lot of corporate experience. He worked for the law firm, Fani-Kayode and Sowemimo for some time after his return to Nigeria. From 1988 to 1990, he was Editor with the New Africa Holdings Limited Kaduna. In 1990 he served as Commissioner for Forestry and Animal Resources in BornoState. From 1990 to 1995, Kyari was Secretary to the Board of African International Bank Limited.

At the United Bank for Africa, he was Executive Director, Management Services and was later appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Bank. He was appointed a Director of Unilever Nigeria Plc. in 2002 and is a Director of Exxon Mobil Nigeria. He is a recipient of the Nigerian Honor Award of Officer of the Order of the Niger (O.O.N).

There is no doubt that Kyari must have made enemies among some prominent people in the country who see him as an obstacle to their inordinate political ambition and rapacious desire for material resources. All the noise against Kyari must be coming from this group of people who see the country as a cow to be milked.

The other two gentlemen who are being maligned with spurious and unsubstantiated allegations are private citizens who have made their marks in their chosen careers but have no office in government. Why Symeon Chulagorom and group should embark on a campaign of gratuitous calumny against these two patriots is difficult for all sane Nigerians to understand.

The constitution under which President Buhari was elected into office does not bar him from having blood relations nor does it require of him to cut communication with his blood relations or friends. There is nothing in the laws of the land or morality that bars him from having blood and or personal relations with other Nigerians.

Since President Buhari’s election in 2015, the two gentlemen have been subjected to spurious allegations from some aggrieved politicians and their collaborators in the media. The public demonstrations last Monday is perhaps the most bizarre demonstration of hatred and political illiteracy since the 4thRepublic began. This one too shall come to pass.-      Comr. Solomon Adodo is the National Convener, Guardians of Democracy and Development. He wrote from Abuja, Nigeria.

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Prof and His Co-passenger!



Olawale Olaleye

You must have read the ongoing debate about Professor Wole Soyinka and some young passenger onboard a flight, where the supposed young man declined to yield his seat to the Prof and insisted he (Prof) left despite appeal from some cabin crew and Mr. Tonye Cole, a businessman and politician, who originally shared the story.

First, I wasn’t going to talk about it, but when I started reading some of the comments trailing the post, practically in all the platforms it was shared, I knew there was a problem and it is one of critical thinking.
It was either that some of the comments were informed by sheer ignorance, seeming dislike for the Prof or an outright manifestation of a decline in our entire value system.

For starters, the one thing that distinguishes the Black Race from others is their culture, which emphasizes respect without caveats. Indeed, the western world too has begun to see the positive side to this wonderful choice of the Black people and is beginning to borrow as much as it could from it, albeit subtly.

The idea that you can’t scold your child when he or she does something wrong is gradually giving way, because they can tell it is largely responsible for many of the vices that are operative now in their lives. Even if they cannot come out openly to controvert their own laws, they know some of them are not progressive, either in form or content.

For those, who reckoned that the young man was right, because it was his seat and he paid for it, they are correct. This, therefore, suggests to me that, as a people, we might have entered a phase in our collective life, where the struggle between our sense of what is right or wrong and what is decent as a result of our value system in the estimation of right-thinking people, is real.

A Yoruba adage says, ‘the elderly does nothing with the age difference but to cheat the younger one’ and it is one cheating you cannot contest for as long as it constitutes no harm. Dagnabbit, I love the Yoruba Race!

Now, there are certain practices, even in the western world, where the place of respect or compassionate humanity is sacrosanct, not necessarily through an act of law.

Take for instance in London, whenever you are on the train or bus and an elderly person, a pregnant woman or someone with babies comes in, people immediately get up without prodding and yield their seats outright.
That, for me, speaks to the kind of culture I’m talking about.

In fact, the physically challenged have their space and you dare not encroach. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s any law that governs this practice or it is just a practice that everyone has come to embrace, because I don’t live there, yet, you see it happen every time, race regardless.

A few times I’d flown locally with different people – popular or unpopular and my seats were taken. I just sit and go on with my life. I’d experienced this too on international flights. What does it matter? There are occasions that cabin crew would approach some people and plead for them to leave their seats for some others on different grounds and this practice has never elicited undue obstinacy from the individuals so approached.

The last time I was on a flight with the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika and he had a big carry-on bag that could not sit in the overhead locker directly over his seat, he walked up to me, asked if he could move my bag to somewhere farther from where I was and put his bag in my space, I simply obliged him. Kini big deal? There was no other engagement outside of that.

For crying out loud, Prof didn’t make a fuss about the seat in question and you insisted he must leave, haba! Who raised you, bro? Even if you lived your entire life abroad, and so what? There are decent people in different parts of the world, who were properly and better raised and would not make a fuss over such a simple situation. It’s your seat, yes. You paid for it, kaabo! And so?

This is not about entitlement mentality as some had tried to sum it up but a culture of respect, which the age difference emphasises especially, in the African setting. The young man and his generation deserve genuine pity. That was so un-African and belies all the logic of the pretexts so far advanced by those who share his sickening irreverence.

Some ages ago – in the medieval Yoruba locale – such a chap would have been sent home with some very ‘strong message’ as take-home gift by some ‘wicked elders’, not even necessarily the one directly involved, but those eager to try out their new metaphysical powers on errant characters like him.

But with time, elders, who have their likes at home as their own kids, also always overlook such character deficiencies and just smile. That’s exactly what Prof did here!

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Robert, Tony, Aliko, Dino And Us



Robert F Smith is a black American Investment banker. He is also the richest Blackman with an estimated worth of $5Billion . Until past weekend, most planet earth dwellers never heard of this rich philanthropist
and successful man.

Last Saturday he was the Commencement Speaker at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Morehead is historically all black male University in Atlanta Georgia. One of its famous alumni is the late great preacher and civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr.
By the end of his commencement speech, Mr. Smith took a detour from his prepared speech and stunned the graduating class of 2019, guests, school staff and parents. He announced that he would pay off all the students’ loans for the Entire class of 2019. It is estimated that more than 400 students shall benefit from his magnanimity which pay off bill is about $40Million dollars.

If you schooled in an American University or college, you would understand and appreciate this gift to a new college grad’s early life. $40Million nor be choncholo money. I just wondered when our billionaires will give back to impact lives as Mr. Smith exemplified with his excitement.

Tony Elumelu And Aliko Dangote are two known billionaires in our dear Nigeria. Tony was my classmate at Saint Pius Grammar School ( Oraeze Grammar School), Onicha Ugbo: that great institution, despite its history as our stepping stones to whatever we are today, represents neglect and abandonment.

That institution produced TONY Elumelu and I would hope he is motivated by Mr. Smith’s graciousness to rescue our dear citadel of rural education. Tony remains the most financially successful “old boy” from our secondary school.

Same wish for Dangote Aliko and all billionaires. Go back to the pathways to your success stories today and lift that institution up from abandonment and negligence. Dino Melaye could sell off a few of his Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis and use the money to establish scholarships in his hometown schools, in memory of his late mother that died recently.

Africa, may God continue to expose us.

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