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KANO POLITICS: The Incumbent and peril of fair-weather friends.



By Adamu Aminu, Kano.

Politics in Nigeria, particularly in Kano terrain, is a game where permanent interest is thriving, and friendship is entirely provisional.

A game where subjectivity taking the front seats and left the objective points of reasoning as the back-bencher.

And also, is a game where fair-weather political companions are gripping the strong influences than the real, die-hard loyalists.

According to the “Merriam Webster” dictionary definition of fair-weather connotation – loyal or helpful only during the time of success and happiness.

Historically, these joints-terms (fair-weather) in Kano political perspectives have been for long, stamping profound effects, worthy of detecting lessons for the discerning minds, and potential retribution for the short-sighted incumbents.

Since from the past era of Kano political god-father, emeritus, late Mallam Aminu Kano, down to the ex- governors, departed and the yet, but alive, blended with the current honorable and executive, gentleman sitting comfortably on the apex throne Dr. Khadimul Islam, fair weather and fake political friends have a long history in Nigerian settings, widely known as agents of treachery, falsified-praises, blind folding the vision of a leader from seen the truth, posing under the facade of unflinching and undivided loyalty, just to benefits from their selfish and covert motives.

And consequently, when the going got tough, they are the first in having the instinct of disappearance, faster than the lightning speed, when heydays are closed to be over, by sighting looming dangers and political eclipse ahead.

These superficial patriots, are nothing but the band-wagon of scavengers, who cut across from various walks of life, ranging from cabals, greedy-clerics, some media outfits and praise-singers, whose loyalty is fictitious and tongue-tipped, which goes nowhere far from the throat.

Imagine, it has become part and portion of this despicable disposition which have gained a firm roots in particularly, Kano political arena, those who called Mallam Aminu Kano with some “angelic” names and benefited under his popularity, they later turned out, branded him with politically derogatory phrases.

Likewise, the late governor Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi, who was admired and celebrated not only for being the most facially handsome, oratory and hard-working governor of that time, admired for his developmental projects executed in old Kano state to the extent of tagging him as “Limamin Chanji”.

But, unfortunately late Abubakar Rimi, before his demise, suffered the same fate, of being calling with so many belittling names by some of his political allies, deserted him, when his popularity reduced drastically, reaching to the extent of Rimi doesn’t have the political will to backed any candidate to won an election in state, down to the local level.

In addition, Kabiru Gaya, who is currently enjoying the national cake as Senator, was once a flamboyant Kano governor who was famously known for his signature hope assertion ” “Inshah-Allahu” had become a man pointed with unspeakable references by some of his government beneficiaries when he suffered political eclipse.

Then, ex- governor, Senator, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the red-cap ideology movement leader, who had during his two non-consecutive tenures, unleashed Kano to its potentials in terms of developmental projects.

He was even praised with many names such as “Mai Takalmin Karfe” and song lyrics of ” Sawun Giwa Badda Na Rakumi, Kwankwaso”, now as the time changes, Senator Kwankwaso with all his sternly face and roving eyes to intimidate onlookers he was branded as “Tsula” and other song lyrics dehumanizing his personality.

Even, the former governor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau who is being regarded as pious, saintly and leader with immense popularity during his rule, who was even lucky to be praised under the lyrics saying ” Saraki Sai Allah, Kainuwa Dashen Allah, Rabbana Ya Dada Sardaunan Kano Muna Taya Murna”.

Unfortunately, the same tongue praised Mallam Shekarau some years back, the same mouth came back with lyrics of ‘Mallam Yaci Kudin Makamai’ and ‘ Mallam Yayi Rawa da Alkyabba’.

What does that entail? What is the alternative name deserved to call such kind of politics, apart from the dirty game of backstabbing and betrayal?

With due and humble respect, Governor Baba Ganduje, fondly called as the” Islamic Custodian” being the current executive governor of Kano state, divinely chosen among millions to head your dear state, lucky to have your projects permeates crannies of Kano state, due to your zeal and commitment, and whose name will be indelibly written among governors who served Kano with all his strength, deserving to be grateful to God for attaining such zenith in your lifetime.

Baba!!! Be wary of the those engages in mouth and eye-services, they are just mere political scavengers, their fangs widely open with dripping blood in disguise with insincere smiles in their faces.

As the proverb goes saying’ nothing last forever’ and also ‘long journey under the broiling sun brings out true companionship’.

Baba, those who are singing the popular song of ‘ Kano ta Ganduje ce’ Baba Ganduje do not carry away by fumes of power, to be hugging as true political companions.

Such singers have voiced similar sweety lyrics to your predecessors, and you glaringly knew how the journey turned out to be, when the power slipped away from the past gladiators.

Baba Ganduje!! from your predecessor you will know how the runs deep or shallow.

Only God knows what and how they will be calling you in the next three years to come after your tenure elapsed.

May God protect you from the spitting venom of fair-weather friends when the spotlight flashing the political stage would be no more at your direction.

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Kano Matters

Childbirth spacing not meant to deflate population growth, says TCI.



Adamu Aminu, Kano.

Driven by the needs to enlightening the general public towards understanding the advantages of childbirth spacing for sustainable socio-economic development.

The Challenge Initiative, Nigeria in collaboration with Development Communication Network, ( DevComm ) organised 3-day training of media personnel, social media influencers and MDA’s officials on Media Advocacy for Childbirth spacing held in Kano.

While highlighting, the purpose of the training, state coordinator of The Challenges Initiative TCI Musa Abdullahi Sufi said the sole objective of the gathering is to come together with various media and understand the basic concept of family planning and childbirth spacing.

” The media being at the forefront and also have a vital role to play towards enlightening the general public on the advantages of childbirth spacing, and to promote where the government is performing and also the areas which need improvement in providing good health care service,” he said.

Sufi also stressed that the key areas which media should be focused, as part of the advocacy are to make people clearly understand that family planning and childbirth spacing, not meant to reduce population growth.

” Actually, we are engaging religious and community leaders to inform the public about the importance of the concepts, which would impact tremendously in clearing the myths and misconception tenaciously attached to it” Sufi added.

During the 3-day training, which commenced Wednesday to Friday, media personnel would be taught the family planning method and understand the cultural and religious context and also how to handle peculiar scenarios while reporting with regard to cultural and religious challenges.

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Kano Bans Begging, To Take Erring Parent to Court.



Adamu Aminu, Kano.

In an effort to fully consolidate the free and compulsory primary and secondary schools education, with the clear integration of the Almajiri system to the policy and by way of addressing the lingering problem of the social menace of begging, governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state bans begging in the state.

He made this known during the launching of Basic Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) and Distribution of Offer of Appointment to 7,500 volunteer teachers, held at Sani Abacha Stadium, Kofar Mata, Tuesday.

Lamenting on the ugly situation of the social misnomer he said “This policy of free and compulsory basic and secondary education goes along with it integration of our Almajiri system into the mainstream policy implementation. Which suggests that, English and Arithmetic must be included in the Almajiri schools curriculum.”

This, according to him would go a long in giving those kids other type of education, “….while they will continue acquiring their study of the Holy Qur’an, they would at the same time learn English and Arithmetic, that will give them an opportunity to continue with their studies to secondary schools and beyond,” he explains.

A total number of 7,500 newly recruited teacher volunteers under the BESDA programme are employed and were given letters of appointment, “…they will be posted to Islamiyyah and Almajiri schools, so that our Almajiri schools would be fully integrated under our new policy of education,” he explains.

Governor warned that henceforth any Almajiri teacher with such pupils under Almajiri school arrangement must accept the new approach put in place by the state government, explaining that, “If you think you cannot accept that then you leave the state!

When beggars are caught, the governor added, it is not only that beggar is caught, but his parents and/or guardians. Such parents or guardians according to the governor would be taken to court for disrespecting our laws.

At the occasion 7,500 offers were distributed to the newly recruited teachers who hold National Certificate of Education (NCE), who came from all the 44 local governments of the state.

Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, commended the effort of the state government in the education sector, adding that what the state is doing under the new policy is exemplary. He was represented by a Director from the Ministry Mrs Liman.

In his remarks the State Chairman of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr Danlami Hayyo reveals that, apart from construction of new classes and renovation of many, they were able to produce 16, 327 3-Seater chairs for the schools.

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Ex-Speaker, Kano House of Assembly in EFCC Net



By Adamu Aminu, Kano.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has grilled the current Minority Leader and former speaker of the Kano State House of Assembly, Isiyaku Ali Danja over alleged abuse of office and misappropriation of monies meant for constituency projects.

The Minority Leader was grilled at the commission’s Kano Zonal Office on Monday

A reliably confirmed source told FWM on Monday evening that the Lawmaker’s dilemma began after the Commission received a petition that monies meant for payment of tax liabilities to Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) by Kano State Government were allegedly diverted and misappropriated from the sub-treasury account of the State.

The source said in the course of the investigation, various skeptical payments were traced to multiple beneficiaries including some made to Allad Drilling Limited, a company belonging to the suspect and whose accounts he is the sole signatory.

 It was also discovered that these monies were withdrawn in cash by the suspect on several occasions. Interestingly he is the one to certify that the jobs were done before any payments are made.

EFCC said the investigation is still ongoing to discover the beneficiaries of the other suspicious outflows from the sub-treasury account which is believed to be over N1,500,000,000 (One Billion, Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only).

”He would be charged to court on completion of the investigation,” according to EFCC.

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